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AFP Calming Pals Lick-A-Disk

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AFP Calming Pals Lick-A-Disk

This licking mat for dogs provides fun and can be used in multiple situations. Is your dog eating too fast? Then use the lick mat for daily meals. Due to the structure of the lick-mat, the dog has to put more effort into eating, making quick eating impossible. Do you think your dog suffers from anxiety or boredom? Then use the licking mat to keep your dog occupied or distracted. The licking mat is suitable for kibble, dog treats and treats such as yoghurt or peanut butter. Thanks to the suction cups on the bottom, the licking mat will not slide across the floor. The suction cups also allow you to attach the mat to the wall. In addition, the licking mat can be attached to the crate thanks to the supplied screw. You can easily clean the licking mat and it is dishwasher-safe.






AFP Calming Pals Lick-A-Disk (AFPH05816)

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This licking mat lets your dog eat more slowly and helps reduce stress and boredom.

Not in stock, available on 2-7-2024