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Braaaf Twister Braids (5-pack) - 6 cm

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Braaaf Twister

Braaaf's chew snacks are made from the very best basic products, to guarantee quality, Braaaf's products are checked frequently for quality and hygiene.

  • Chewing every day ensures a clean denture. During chewing the chew scrapes off the plaque and tartar from the dog's teeth.
  • It keeps the gum in good condition, which again makes your dog healthier and less susceptible to diseases and infections.
  • Chewing is a good exercise for the jaw, neck muscles, leg and back muscles of your dog.
  • Because chewing on a chew for the dog is an intense and satisfying activity, your dog will be mentally and physically tired and satisfied.


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Braaaf Twister Braids (5-pack) - 6 cm (BRAA100121)

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Made from the very best basic products.