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Bronchi Block

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Bronchi Block is a complementary feed for calves, lambs and kids.  

New, improved composition.
A natural supplement based on a blend of fenugreek, rosemary, sage and oregano to support the respiratory tract, to breathe more freely. Also stimulates digestion and intestinal function and improved nutrient absorption. Bronchi Block also supports the newborn animal's resistance.

Feed instruction
Calves: First 7 days: 15 g/animal/day. Next 14 days: 10 g/animal/day. Maintenance: 5 g/animal/day.
Lambs/kids: First 7 days: 4 g/animal/day. Next 14 days: 2.5 g/animal/day. Maintenance: 1.5 g/animal/day.
Note: To be administered daily with the milk feed. Can also be mixed with roughage or concentrate
Cool and dry < 25°C. Keep out of direct sunlight. Reseal partially used packaging.

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Bronchi Block (BRON1000)

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Complementary feed for calves, lambs and kids to support the respiratory tract.