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Bugbone Sweethearts

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Rich in insect protein, for strong and healthy muscles
Free from grains, gluten and additives
Hypoallergenic, safe for any dog
Developed in collaboration with a veterinary nutritionist

BUGBONE® is the dog snack based on insect proteins.

Good for every dog and the world we live in!

What makes BUGBONE® so unique:

  • Super tasty for every dog
  • Rich in insect protein. High-quality and sustainable protein for strong and healthy muscles
  • Attractive store presentation with a good appearance in the assortment
  • Low in calories (249 Kcal per 100 grams). A responsible snack!
  • Good for dental health and fresh breath.
  • Grain- and gluten-free, making BUGBONE® easily tolerated
  • Artisan baked "Oven Baked"
  • Free from additives for optimal dog health
  • Hypoallergenic - making BUGBONE® safe for every dog
  • Produced and baked in the Netherlands
  • Packaged with 6, 24 or 160 pieces in an extremely practical and 100% recyclable packaging

The development of BUGBONE®

BUGBONE® was developed in collaboration with a veterinary nutritionist who graduated from Wageningen University & Research.

Sustainable product

BUGBONE® not only tastes fantastic, but this product contributes to the health of both the dog and the planet! The ecological footprint of insect protein per kilogram of protein obtained is much lower than that of snacks based on other animal proteins. The attractive bakery packaging of BUGBONE® is easily separable for recycling.

BUGBONE®, the tastiest dog snack for a healthy world!

Contents and variants

  • BUGB050 - 6 pieces of 30 g (10x4x1 cm, per piece)
  • BUGB060 - 6 pieces of 45 g (12x5x1 cm, per piece)
  • BUGB124 - 24 pieces of 7.5 g (4x3,5x1 cm, per piece)
  • BUGB030 - 160 pieces of 0,63 g

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Bugbone Sweethearts (BUGB124)

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Bugbone, the most delicious dog snack for a healthy world!