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Catmoji Cube Monkey

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Catmoji cube filled with MADNIP!
Emojis are the way to communicate in today's world! Thanks to this unique range of Catmoji, each catpicture you will post on Snapchat or Instagram will become an instant hit. Catmoji contain MADNIP. MADNIP is even more unique and powerful than Catnip. Plenty of reasons why Catmoji are irresistible to every cat!
What is MADNIP?
MADNIP is made from a special plant growing in the Asian mountains at an altitude of 1500 metres. MADNIP is harvested by hand and dried according to a specific method. MADNIP's appeal to catlike animals was discovered by accident. MADNIP is completely safe to use and provides your cat relaxation and pleasure. MADNIP is simply irresistible to all cats!
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Catmoji Cube Monkey (EMOJ036)

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Catmoji cube filled with MADNIP!