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Chuckit! Indoor Super Slider

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Chuckit! Indoor Super Slider

This cool indoor slider from Chuckit is specially designed for indoors and will not damage your interior due to the use of the soft material. The Slider has a slick base, so it easily slides over all kinds of floors and materials. This activates the dog's natural instinct to chase and it is even possible for the dog to self-play and fetch with the Slider. Thanks to its shape, catching the Slider is an extra challenge. This is because the top of the Slider is made of soft material, which contains a squeaker that squeaks as soon as the dog steps on it or bites into it. The rubber material has even been developed in such a way that it lasts longer. Challenge your dog and choose for hours of fun with the ChuckIt Indoor Slider!

  • Smooth underside material, allowing the Slider to glide across most floors
  • Large rubber air chamber, offering an extra challenge
  • Robust squeaker, which increases the playing pleasure

18 x 14 cm






Chuckit! Indoor Super Slider (CHUC50993)

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Activate your dog's natural chasing instincts with the Indoor Super Slider!