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Chuckit! RingChaser Launcher

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Chuckit! RingChaser Launcher

Use the Chuckit Ring Chaser Launcher for the Chuckit Ultra Ring for extra playing fun! The unique Ultra Ring rolls, bounces, jumps and zigzags even further and higher with the Chuckit Ring Chaser Launcher. The launcher has a length of 56 cm and a long ergonomic handle, making it easy to pick up the ring. The throwing stick is positioned so that the head is in the middle of the ring. Then press down at an angle and the ring clicks into place. In this way, you do not have to bend down to pick up the Ultra Ring and you can easily use the Chuckit Ring Chaser Launcher!







Chuckit! RingChaser Launcher (CHUC32138)

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To be combined with the Chuckit Ultra Ring!