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Chuckit! Ultra Duo Tug M

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Chuckit! Ultra Duo Tug 

Take your dog's retrieval game to the next level with the Chuckit! Ultra Duo Tug! This dog toy consists of two sturdy tennis balls and a durable nylon ribbon, making the Duo Tug easy to throw away. The raised flexible rubber sides are soft for your dog's mouth and allow for hours of fun, tossing, pulling and playing. The Chuckit! Ultra Duo Tug can be used with multiple dogs or together with your dog!

S: ø 5 cm
M: ø 6 cm






Chuckit! Ultra Duo Tug M (CHUC232201)

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The Chuckit! Ultra Duo Tug is easy to throw away with the handle!

2 variants S M