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CoolPets Tropical Premium Cooling Mat Flower

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°COOLPETS Premium Cooling mat prevents your pet from overheating!
Ready for summer! This product is a revolutionary cooling sensation. It is the only one in its kind that cools a dog quickly and efficiently in 2 ways. 

It rapidly reduces body heat and the gel becomes cold quickly due to pressure. Our cooling mat does not need to be placed in the freezer or refrigerator, it just always works. 
The mat is about 10-15 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature and is effective for about 3-4 hours. When the dog gets up, the mat is ready for use again after about 30 seconds.

Why our CoolPets Premium cooling mats? 
They are the only cooling mats in the market equipped with non-flow gel. This gel cools faster, better and longer than all regular solutions. Furthermore, they offer your pet much more comfort because of the constant pressure distribution. You can tell by its weight whether or not it is regarding a high quality cooling mat.

Even more advantages

Condensation can occur because of the changes in temperature. Thanks to the anti-slip on the bottom of the cooling mat, it stays in the right place!

Thick polyester outer layer
The Premium cooling mat of CoolPets has a 30% thicker outer layer and is therefore firmer, wear-resistant and extremely durable. 

Do you weigh along?
Our cooling mat has an extremely high proportion of cool gel, in most cases up to 20% more.  
This is not only reflected in the weight. The mat also cools much faster and is cooler and more effective than any other cooling mats on the market.

Always in the right place 
Our mats are divided into compartments (4 up to 24 compartments), there is always gel under the pressure points of your dog.  
Next to additional comfort, this also offers a greater cooling effect than other ‘cool’ mats that only contain 1 or even no compartments at all, where the gel will move to the sides.

Cleaning is a piece of cake 
The mat can easily be cleaned with a cloth because of the dense polyester layer.

You can be “cool” anywhere 
Because of the compartments, the mat can easily be fold and taken anywhere. This allows you to offer your dog a fresh resting place anywhere during summer. 

UV and weather resistant 
Because we only use high quality materials, you can be sure that this cooling mat will last a long time.

What size do you choose?
Our cooling mats are available in different sizes. We even have an XL size that is suitable for multiple dogs. This means you will always find one that fits your current dog basket.

Diameter: 65cm

These mats are non-toxic. If the mat is leaking or damaged, we recommend to replace it with a new one. 

In short: if the dog was to choose, he would choose the CoolPets Premium cooling mat!






CoolPets Tropical Premium Cooling Mat Flower (COOL020)

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Does not require water, electricity, fridge or refrigerator.