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HD Cat Bed Zebra 45x55cm

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HD Orthopedic Cat Bed (HD = Hip dysplasia)
• Joints or muscle problems?
• Or just to avoid them?

Then this is the right bed for your cat.

This orthopedic cat bed is ideal for cats with joint problems, arthritis, or aging symptoms.
In addition, the bed has a preventive effect to avoid these problems.
HD and ED are problems which occur frequently.

On top of the normal foam barrier padding, these orthopedic cat beds with a 3 cm thick layer of memory foam that causes the body weight of your cat to be better distributed throughout the cat bed.
Characteristic of these orthopedic cat beds is the fact that the memory foam is capable of adapting seamlessly to the body contours of your cat.
As a result the joints of your cat will be completely relieved, so that the condition of your cat will improve significantly. When your cat leaves the HD cat Bed the bed will get back to its original shape.

 HD Catbed has a very beneficial influence on your cat.






HD Cat Bed Zebra 45x55cm (KUSS052)

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HD Orthopedic Cat Bed (HD = Hip dysplasia)