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HD Dog Bed S

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HD Orthopedic Dog Bed (HD = Hip dysplasia)
• Charge of joints or muscles?
• Or just to avoid these problems?

Then this is the right bed for your dog.

This orthopedic dog bed is ideal for dogs with joint problems, arthritis, or aging symptoms.
In addition, the bed has a preventive effect to avoid these problems.
HD and ED are problems which occur frequently.

On top of the normal foam barrier padding, these orthopedic dog beds with a 3 cm thick layer of memory foam that causes the body weight of your dog many times is better distributed throughout the dog bed.
Characteristic of these orthopedic dog beds is the fact that the memory foam capable of seamlessly adapts to the body contours of your dog.
As a result the joints of your dog will be completely relieved, so that the condition of your dog will improve significantly. When your dog leaves the HD Dog Bed the bed will gets his own actual form back again.
The HD Dogbed is reasoned with the best quality pu leather, a high quality artificial leather, allowing the Dogbeds to hold the body heat of your dog better. Moreover the cleaning of the dog bed is a piece of cake.
The supple pu-leather is easy and quick to clean with a damp cloth and your Dogbed is clean again. Dirty and unpleasant odors belong to the past!
Because the pu-leather from the bed is fully waterproof do the Dogbeds also offer the solution in the case of older incontinent dogs or puppies and young dogs that have not been (completely) house trained.
Also make fleas and ticks no chance because they can not nest in the bed which is what easily can happen with normal dog pillows.

Allergies (dust / dust mite): 
Because of the durable PU leather sleeve, the HD Dogbed is designated for people and/or animals who experience problems with allergies. Simply because dust, dust mites, fleas etc. can't get into the pillow. 

HD Dogbed is available in the following sizes:
55 x 80 cm (KUSS040)
75 x 100 cm (KUSS041)
90 x 125 cm (KUSS042)
100 x 150 cm (KUSS043)

HD Dogbed is a blessing for your dog.






HD Dog Bed S (KUSS040)

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HD Orthopedic Dog Bed (HD = Hip dysplasia)