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Holpect 2.5 kg

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Supplementary feed (dietary feed) to stabilise water and electrolyte balance. Soluble for calves in case of digestive disorders. Can be used both preventively and curatively. Fantastically soluble, does not settle and ideal in the weaning bucket.

Holpect contains gut-protecting ingredients, giving the intestines rest. This has a beneficial effect on the speed of recovery. Holpect can be used for 1-7 days (1-3 days if the only source of nutrition). Soluble anti-diarrhoea agent based on pectins, electrolytes and energy.

Feeding advice in case of diarrhoea
2 to 3 times daily, dissolve 1 g Holpect per kg LG in 2 l water (50-70 g/calf/food).

Feeding advice preventive
½ g per kg body weight.

Holpect can be applied through the milk in cases of incipient diarrhoea.

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Holpect 2.5 kg (HOLP2500)

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Soluble diet feed for calves in case of risk of (the risk of) diarrhea.
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