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Horslyx 5 kilo Original

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Pros and cons

With antioxidants, vitamin E and selenium
Contains essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements
Contains biotin, zinc and methionine
Provides distraction and reduces boredom
Weaterproof, suitable for both stable and pasture use

Provides distraction and helps reduce boredom

Tasty lick for horses. The lick is specially designed to be hand-fed and is ideal as a distraction or reward. 

When to use?

  • For example during visits to the farrier or vet
  • Transport by trailer
  • As reward or treat


5 kilo

Amount of sugar in Horslyx

Horslyx contains little sugar compared to the feed horses are fed daily. For example, a 500 kg horse eats 50 kg of grass daily, which contains as much as 2000 g of sugar. If the same horse takes 0.25 kg of Horslyx a day, the horse will ingest 82.5 g of sugar. Because horses ingest so little of Horslyx daily, they ingest only a little extra sugar. In addition, horses can tolerate sugar well, especially if the intake is little and often (such as when grazing or accessing a lick).


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Horslyx 5 kilo Original (HORSL016)

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This lick contains essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.