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HoyHoy Trap-A-Roach 5-Pack

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HoyHoy Trap-a-Roach
Capture all cockroaches with these odourless and non-toxic glue traps.
• Very effective due to very strong appeal of specially added attractant
• Clean and odourless
• Now even more powerful through the special "doormat"
• Absorbs oil and water for even better adhesion
• Trap is adjustable in two heights
• Can also be used vertically
• The rippled glue layer captures even more cockroaches
1. Place the "doormats" in the designated place.
2. Dispose of the glue bottom (see arrow for right direction) in a smooth motion.
3. Take the non-toxic attractant out of the aluminium packaging and place the attractant in the middle of the glue trap.
4. Close the glue trap and place it along the wall (do not place in direct sunlight) near the cockroaches' shelters.
5. Place multiple glue trap in different locations.
6. Move the glue traps without the cockroaches after a few days.
7. The HoyHoy cockroach trap is effective for 3 to 4 weeks.
5 glue traps






HoyHoy Trap-A-Roach 5-Pack (HOYH005)

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Capture cockroaches with these odorless and non-toxic glue traps.