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JW Banana Chew-Ee

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Playing, biting and cleaning teeth in the meantime! The JW Banana Chew -ee combines these 3 activities in 1 toy that dogs can enjoy for hours! The structure of this durable toy is specially designed to promote teeth cleaning! This banana has spaces on the convex side where dog toothpaste can be applied. The hollow side features a sturdy rope. Rope has a flossing effect on teeth. The JW Banana Chew-ee thus offers a perfect combination of play and grooming!

Why dogs love the JW Banana Chew-ee:

  • Combination between play and grooming
  • Supports cleaning of teeth and gums
  • With sturdy rope for fun play and dental cleaning






JW Banana Chew-Ee (JW60639)

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JW Banana Chew-ee dental care dog toy