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KOKO Coffee Bones S - 14 cm

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Hypoallergenic, suitable for allergic dogs
100% Natural product
Solid and durable
Caffeine- and calorie-free and without artificial additives

Handmade chewing bones from the coffee bean plant

These high-quality chewing bones are handmade by wood cutters in Rwanda from branches of the coffee bean plant. When a plant no longer yields coffee beans, the branches are used to make chew bones for dogs. Each bone is different and a wood carver makes only 8 -10 chewing bones a day! The bones are luxuriously finished and coated with natural beeswax. Extra durable and 100% natural!

KOKO is driven by the aim to help alleviate poverty among coffeefarmers and to provide employment to woodcarvers in a sustainalble way.

Supports the natural cleaning of teeth. The fibres released during chewing have a stimulating effect on the intestines. In addition, endorphins are released in the brain during chewing, giving a satisfied and contented feeling.

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Small - 14 cm
Medium - 20 cm
Large - 24 cm






KOKO Coffee Bones S - 14 cm (KOKO014)

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Handmade chewing bones made of coffee wood from Rwanda