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Sticky Trap Horsefly Glue 1.5 l

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STICKY-TRAP captures horseflies, hornets and other blood-sucking insects in a natural way without the use of pesticides.
STICKY-TRAP Horsefly glue is completely environmentally friendly, weather and rain resistant and will help you deal with the pest quickly, leaving you and your animals free of nuisance.

Stir the STICKY-TRAP glue before use. Traps can be made from various materials, with plastic being the most suitable. The advice is to use a black bucket or a horse fly trap. Of course, the position of the trap is also important, to ensure that the object catches enough sun. When applying, we recommend using a fine paint roller or brush. The glue lasts up to approximately 20 weeks (depending on the fabric). Afterwards, the new glue can be applied over the existing one.

0.5 litres of Sticky-Trap glue can be used to lubricate a bucket or horse fly trap 10 times. For the best results, it is recommended to place 2-3 traps per 10,000 m2 of land. If there are more than 5 horses in the pasture, it is recommended to hang more traps.

Store in closed packaging in a frost-free place.

STIC50500 - 500 ml
STIC51500 - 1.5 l
STIC53500 - 3.5 l


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Sticky Trap Horsefly Glue 1.5 l (STIC51500)

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Naturally captures horseflies and other blood-sucking insects in a natural way